about the artist

Alexandra Birschmann is a german artist working and living near Frankfurt, Germany. She loves painting people in a modern, expressive style. Discerning the important moments from the rest of everyday life is one of her artworks’ many purposes. In her portraits, she conveys stillness and contemplation. With her large-scale paintings Birschmann invites viewers to get up close and personal with their own emotions.

Regarding paintings of large or small size, the artists process contains two main steps: First, she creates an intuitive, abstract painting using a palette knife, thus creating strong colors appearing on the canvas in vertical and horizontal patterns. Although the subsequent fine brushwork of the portrait will overlay the preceding foundation, the foundations’ colors will remain. This process, as well as the resulting style, is unique to Alexandra Birschmann and creates an innovative, exciting work of art. 

Alexandra Birschmann is a Master Goldsmith and has worked as a goldsmith and jewelry designer. She studied Art in Mainz and received a scholarship in Dublin. Her exhibitions can be seen in Germany as well as other parts of Europe.